Our Employees' Pets

The employees of Brayton Purcell LLP love animals so much, they are constantly volunteering their time and resources to organizations such as the Marin Humane Society, and more. Making sure every animal in a shelter receives a proper meal is just one way Brayton Purcell LLP aims to make a difference in the lives of both our human and animal friends, and you can help too!


From a cat nestled in a lap to a prancing horse on the hillside, the pets of Brayton Purcell LLP employees are all quite photogenic. We hope that you enjoy viewing them as much as we do.

We will be rotating these photos in the weeks to come, so do stop back again to check on our animal friends.

    • gil purcell cat

      Dreams: one of Mr. Purcell's many rescues from the Marin Humane Society!

    • dreams cat

      Squinty watching over everything.

    • Me Too

      Me Too

    • squints


    • me too cat

      Me Too helps review a file.

    • cheese


    • shadow and enzo

      The rear end of Shadow walking past a sleeping Enzo

    • dirk

      Dirk at the faucet

    • gloria


    • teddy


    • mouse and squirrel

      Cute little Mouse and Squirrel

    • Milly's first centerfold - Ms. October

      Milly's first centerfold – Ms. October.

    • two goats

      Bo and Luke

    • chicken


    • dog


    • two dogs looking out car window

      Happiness and Delilah.

    • Oreo the cat

      Oreo and her special friend.

    • Bitty the cat

      Bitty sits quietly in the tree anxiously awaiting the birds.

    • nika and raider

      Raider and Nika enjoying summertime!

    • KJ cat

      KJ, cuddled up all day.

    • biscuit

      Biscuit is getting a much needed tan!

      als dogs

      Shadow, Magnum, and Brix: Paradise Security

    • chocolatte

      Choco (Chocolatte) at age 16 months.

    • maggie dog

      Maggie at age 12.

    • Buster Mac

      Buster Mac, the Angry Bird dog!

    • diesel cat

      Diesel is ready to go!

    • cece cat

      Cece enjoying her fountain.

    • sabrina cat


    • roger dog


    • roxy dog

      Roxy enjoys sitting on her chair ...The floor, that's for dogs.

    • mona lisa dog

      8 year old Mona-Lisa. The best dog in the world!

    • truffles and domoTruffles 4 yrs. old (half maltese, half terrier), Domo 5 yrs old (mini pinscher)

    • sasha dog


    • dakota


    • Haven

      Haven at 9 months old

    • frankie


      • woody


      • pepper


      • badge and cuffs

        Brother and sister Badge and Cuffs enjoying a nap!

      • chloe - kelly

        Chloe chews on her bone.

    • Starr the dog

      RIP Starr -- taking in the beauty of the vineyards as the sun is setting.

    • Sassy the dog

      RIP Sassy -- you were loved by many and won't be forgotten.