India Urged in Letter to Ban the Import and Usage of Asbestos

RELEASED - Dec. 20, 2013

NOVATO, CA - Brayton Purcell LLP announces that a letter has been sent to three of India's government officials, urging them to ban the import and usage of asbestos in their country. The letter is addressed to India's ministers of Health & Family Welfare, Labour & Employment, and Forests & Environment. It is signed by 100 labor and health organizations and more than 200 scientists, representing 36 countries.

The letter states that India has increased its asbestos importation by 186 percent between 2006 and 2012. Furthermore, India has been targeted by the asbestos industry as part of a campaign aimed at Asian countries, which constitute 70 percent of asbestos market buyers. As part of the effort to build India's consumption and use of asbestos, the International Chrysotile Association is holding a conference in New Delhi, presenting asbestos as a safe product.

However, all types of asbestos have been shown to be the cause of several illnesses, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other cancers. Hundreds of cases have already been reported in India, and that number is expected to climb. While the United States no longer uses asbestos in the majority of its products, many thousands of people still suffer each year from the long-latency effects of exposure, and many families have lost loved ones from asbestos-related diseases.

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