Reglan is the brand name for the drug metoclopramide, which is a prescription drug used to treat nausea and gastrointestinal disorders. It is also used to treat migraines. Until 2009, many patients were unaware of the harmful side effects of the drug.

Reglan and Tardive Dyskinesia (TD)

The condition Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) is associated with long-term Reglan use. TD is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary, rapid movements of the face and body. It commonly affects the movement of the eyes, tongue, jaw, and lips of an individual. The twitching and movement of other body parts, including the fingers, toes, arms, legs, hips, and torso can also be affected by TD.

Symptoms of TD range from mild to severe, and the length of time in which they last is not easy to determine. Depending on the person, symptoms may continue indefinitely. There is no known cure for the condition, and many innocent patients have been forced to live with the condition throughout their life after diagnosis.

Your Legal Options

In 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began requiring the manufacturers of Reglan and other brand name drugs containing metoclopramide to use a black box warning, but not before numerous patients suffered the severe side effects.

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