Novato Personal Injury Lawyers

Your Personal Injury Claim

We represent people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others. They may have been hurt in automobile accidents, falls, construction activities, or on the job. These are trying times for both clients and their families, who are facing health problems as well as mounting medical costs. By providing efficient, compassionate service, we try to lessen that burden.

Many of these cases involve insurance companies, which have a bevy of in–house personal injury lawyers. Some companies will use their size and money to avoid claims and to intimidate you. We strongly recommend, therefore, that you avoid handling your personal injury case by yourself if you are encountering these difficulties. An experienced, credible lawyer can make all the difference in dealing with insurers and other large companies. Personal injury lawyers can also find appropriate medical experts and evaluate how severe your injury is in terms of the amount of damages that you may expect to receive.

Our Record as Personal Injury Lawyers

At Brayton Purcell, we have obtained good personal injury settlements and verdicts for our clients. For example, in Anthony Gallegos et al. v. Dick Simon Trucking, Inc., a jury awarded $16.4 million to a child who suffered a traumatic brain injury when the car in which he was a passenger was hit by a truck. We were pleased that the amount included his future medical needs and helped ensure his financial security. Other cases that we have recently worked on range from fractures to hand and eye injuries, and involve defective mechanical equipment and improperly installed automobile parts. Whatever the size or type of case, we aggressively fight for our client's right to receive just compensation for personal injuries.

Please feel free to contact our personal injury lawyers if you would like to discuss your claim. Our initial consultation is at no cost. Also, we will not charge an attorney fee until we have successfully completed your case.

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