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"A Characterization Study, not an Exposure Study"

Mark Twain noted that there are "Lies, damned lies and statistics." In the world of asbestos and mesothelioma studies, there are lots of statistics. The risk posed by asbestos exposure is terrifically difficult to gauge, because there is no known safe exposure level to asbestos fibers, which means even a single exposure could lead to the development of an asbestos-related disease.

Another difficulty is determining the exact source of the risk. In Minnesota, the region known as the "Iron Range" has produced iron ore from taconite for more than a century. In a recent study, the occurrence of mesothelioma among miners has been found to be unusually high. The miners developed mesothelioma at a rate double what would be expected.

New Study: Minnesota Miners at High Risk for Mesothelioma

Recently, twenty-one new cases of mesothelioma have been diagnosed among Minnesota mine workers. The Minnesota Department of Health and the University of Minnesota have been studying a group of 69,000 workers since the late 1990's. Since then, eighty cases had been previously found. These twenty-one affected individuals bring the total to 101.


Some Receive a $1.8 Million Fine, Others a Life Sentence

The final stage in criminal prosecution was reached in Fresno Monday when a federal judge fined three men $1.8 million who had operated a nonprofit business that was designed to help high school student gain work experience and job skills. The fines were imposed because the men employed the high school students and exposed them to asbestos while performing demolition on old buildings on the site of the former Castle Air Force Base.

During the demolition work, the students were exposed to asbestos-containing materials without training or being provided proper protective equipment necessary for anyone working with asbestos. 

Contractor Claims Asbestos Violation was a Set-Up

Albert Dickson, a project manager for an asbestos removal project in Atlanta, GA, recently pled guilty to charges of knowingly making a false statement in a document required to be filed under the Clean Water Act. But Mr. Dickson also claimed the situation was a "set-up" by a disgruntled subcontractor.


Brayton Purcell LLP Win Among Top Verdicts of 2014

The Daily Journal recently announced their Top Verdicts for 2014, and a Brayton Purcell LLP win was included in the list! Whalen v. John Crane Inc. was selected in the Top Plaintiffs' Verdicts category.

Prospective New Mesothelioma Treatment: Acetic Acid

Japanese researchers recently discovered that acetic acid -- which is commonly found in household vinegar -- induces mesothelioma cell death when applied in the proper concentrations.

Is Airborne Asbestos a Threat to Southern Nevada?

Given the asbestos industry's decades of lies and misrepresentation, virtually any statements made regarding the level of threat posed by asbestos in buildings, homes or the environment deserve close examination.

Across the border from California, an interesting controversy has erupted concerning the risk posed by naturally occurring asbestos in southern Nevada. Asbestos is a natural mineral, and in some areas, erosion caused by wind and water expose the mineral to the surface, and potentially, to anyone in the vicinity.

Asbestos Companies in Bankruptcy

Have you been wondering how asbestos companies who have filed for bankruptcy are able to pay the victims of their products and neglect? Asbestos bankruptcy trusts are developed for victims when a company files for bankruptcy under the Chapter 11 United States Bankruptcy Code.