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Types of Mesothelioma Cancers

For some Americans, September 26, 2014 marked the first day they had heard the word "mesothelioma." Mesothelioma is a disease caused by asbestos exposure that is almost always fatal. Many blue collar workers are at risk for developing the disease after handling the substance for years, or decades, on the job.

NC VA hospital slow to remove asbestos, part 2

Workers were worried at the VA hospital that the air conditioning system could be spreading asbestos contaminated dust among the staff and 37,000 veterans treated yearly in the facility.

Asbestos wrapped-pipes were located in the subbasements of the buildings and workers knew that some of that wrapping had begun to crumble and broken pieces of insulation were on the floor.

In the subbasement, the pipes are located close to many air ducts of the building's air conditioning system. The ducts are old and may not be properly sealed, allowing potentially asbestos-contaminated dust to be sucked into the air supply of the building.

NC VA hospital slow to remove asbestos

According to workers at a VA hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, asbestos contamination in the subbasement has resulted in contradictory series of moves regarding the presence of asbestos and when, or if, it has been abated.

Workers had long suspected that asbestos was a problem at the hospital. The VA hired a contractor in 2012 to look at the asbestos, and they found "major problems with asbestos in the subbasement, including "damaged pipe insulation and debris on the ground."

An asbestos expert contacted by local news reporters noted conditions in the subbasement were among the "most egregious he has ever seen," after examining the findings of their news report.

Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Mesothelioma Overview

Many American individuals are unaware of what mesothelioma is, let alone how it develops within the human body over time. Friday, September 26, marks Mesothelioma Awareness Day, so we thought it might be the perfect time to spread some awareness and post an overview of this asbestos-related disease.

3 Questions to Ask Your Mesothelioma Attorney

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, you might be wondering what your legal options are as a patient. Many of those diagnosed with diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma have been compensated for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and more with the help of attorneys experienced in asbestos litigation.

Mesothelioma Inspiration: Never Say "Never"

Heather Von St. James is one pleural mesothelioma survivor who inspires patients today to never say "never." Von St. James is an eight-year survivor who "continues to live with strong faith, abundant gratitude and an unbeatable will to live each day." After being given the standard 1-2 years to live after diagnosis in 2005, Heather underwent a extrapleural pneumonectomy surgical procedure, and lives today to inspire others.

Cost deferral and the asbestos industry

In economics, the concept of cost deferral is important. If the economic cost of a transaction must be paid for up front, it may be less likely to occur. For instance, if you went to purchase a home here in California, and had to pay cash, you might have difficulty finding any affordable property. Your mortgage allows you to defer the cost of the home over 30 years and make the high cost of homes affordable.

The same is true for industrial processes. For a long time, industrial pollution was dumped everywhere. It saves business a great deal of money, but it cost many communities dearly. Behavior like this led to a river catching fire and eventually to the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Now, when a business has a polluting process, they have to account for the costs of cleaning up that pollution before the sell the first unit. 

Asbestos Company Accused of Destroying Evidence in Trial

Recently, BASF Catalysts, LLC, the world's largest chemical maker, has been ordered to face claims that they and their lawyers fraudulently hid evidence to avoid asbestos personal injury lawsuits.


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