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Glacial Pace

At times, it seems as if everything related to asbestos is slow moving. An individual could inhale an asbestos fiber when they are in their 20s and it could slowly work its way deep inside their lungs. Eventually, it comes to rest and it then begins the process of creating the disease, mesothelioma that does not emerge until 20, 30 or 40 years into the future and will cause the painful death of that individual.

The disclosure of the dangers of asbestos, too proceeded at a glacial pace. Companies in England near the turn of the 20th century had already noted that workers in plants that processed asbestos or make products from it developed a lung cancer that was killing them. 

Asbestos in Commercial Buildings

We have talked a lot about asbestos being found in your home, but what about the asbestos present within commercial buildings? Commercial buildings are all around us in the United States. Offices, shopping malls, restaurants and more are all used for commercial purposes and many of them were built with asbestos materials.


EPA Asbestos Regulations Criticized by Inspector General

Because millions of buildings were constructed in the last century with asbestos, something needs to be done with that asbestos when the building is demolished. A contractor could remove that asbestos prior to the demolition, but that add considerably to the price.

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, a demolition contractor may use water to spray the building and soak the asbestos-containing products. This prevents the release of the asbestos from the materials in these old buildings that has become friable, meaning the materials can break and turn to dust, releasing asbestos fibers to the environment and the lungs on anyone in the vicinity.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos in California

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral found within our earth. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has documented the occurrence of asbestos within different areas of the United States, but one of the most prominent is within California.


An "Asbestos Timebomb?"

The defense counsel for the companies that manufactured and sold asbestos for decades, and profited for years at the expense of workers who were faced with the shock of a mesothelioma diagnosis after inhaling asbestos, would like you to believe that the only problematic issues are some victims attempting to "double dip" in the asbestos trust funds.

Asbestos, after all, is so 20th century, a legacy disease of large industrial plants, of the old shipyards that used to line the seaports of California coast and most of those workers are reaching the limits of their natural life expectancy. This is an issue that is soon to fade from memory, like polio and iron lungs.

Blue Collar Workers At Risk for Mesothelioma

Did you know that around 3,000 Americans are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year? Mesothelioma is a fatal form of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. Many of those affected by the disease are blue collar workers, who are at risk for coming into contact with asbestos on the job.

Asbestos Tribute in Scotland

Spreading asbestos awareness is not always easy. If you mention the mineral to a friend, it might not be likely that they have heard the word before, let alone know that the substance kills 12,000 to 15,000 Americans each year. More needs to be done to recognize this silent killer and those it has affected.

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Another school discovers asbestos contamination

Last century witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of schools built in California and across the United States. From elementary schools to the construction of institutions of higher learning, as the population grew, so grew the demand for schools to educate that population.

Unfortunately, along with that growth in the number of schools, which the country can be justly proud of, there is something that few would be proud to acknowledge. Most, if not all, of those buildings contain asbestos. 

Canadian Asbestos Imports Put Mechanics at Risk for Exposure

Many Canadians are baffled at the fact that their federal government continues to import asbestos products, despite the clear dangers associated with the substance. It was recently reported that hundreds of thousands of asbestos-containing brake lining and pads were imported into the country in 2014, putting mechanics at risk for developing deadly asbestos-related diseases.