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Checking in with the FACT Act

It has not been too long since we last checked in with the deceptively-named Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency (FACT) Act. Introduced to the 113th United States Congress in 2013, a revised version of this bill was submitted to the 114th congressional session again in January of this year.

Banning Asbestos Use to Protect Our Earth

Today, April 22, marks Earth Day! Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated around the world by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. You might have guessed what the main focus of this celebration is...the Earth!

On this day, we would like to bring some attention to a problem that faces our planet. 


When it's not really about Transparency and Fairness, pt. 2

Last week we were discussing a new law from Arizona that is designed to make it more difficult for victims of asbestos to make claims.

The new law specifically references a section of the statutes that applies sanctions for filing "unjustified actions." The section, 12-349, is generally applicable to every action in a court in the state, but it is likely that it is highlighted within the new statute to intimidate victims in the hopes they won't file any claims. 

Three Attorneys Win Trial Lawyer of the Year Award!

On Thursday of last week, Gil Purcell, Jennifer Alesio, and Jason Rose won the Trial Lawyer of the Year award at the San Francisco Trial Lawyer Association's 16th annual gala! Brayton Purcell LLP is so proud to have these dedicated and compassionate individuals on our team.

Asbestos Take-Home Liability in California


Second-hand asbestos exposure is a real thing: when asbestos fibers come to rest on a worker's clothing, skin, or hair, they can be transported home and inhaled by those around them. If an employer does not enforce strict procedures for workers to follow to avoid asbestos exposure, riding in the same car and even hugging a friend or family member can become deadly activities.

Brayton Purcell Sponsors Great Chefs and Wineries Event

Brayton Purcell LLP is the proud Platinum Sponsor of the 25th Annual Great Chefs and Wineries event. All proceeds from the event benefit Lifehouse, a Marin-based non-profit organization, which has been serving people with developmental disabilities since 1954.


When it's not really about Transparency and Fairness, pt. 1

Isn't it funny how "fairness" is often used as weapon that is turned against those who are being victimized? California's neighboring state, Arizona, has just put in place a new law that is designed to stop a great evil. According to the state's governor, that evil is double recovery for asbestos victims. It "must be stopped." And this new law, he says, will promote an "environment of transparency and fairness."

The legislation will require victims of asbestos-related illness, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, to submit a sworn statement of every claim they have made or plan to make. As attorneys there note, the state already has laws to prevent this. Then what could be the real purpose of this new law?

Brayton Purcell Attorneys Nominated for Trial Lawyer of the Year

Recently, three Brayton Purcell LLP attorneys were nominated for the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association's Trial Lawyer of the Year award. Gil Purcell, Jennifer Alesio, and Jason Rose have been recognized for their exemplary trial work in 2014.


Is Asbestos Lurking Behind the Walls of Your Child's School?

Education is a very important aspect of children's lives. Although reading, writing and arithmetic are crucial, they are not the only benefits of going to school. If you are a parent, you know the joys of seeing a picture your child drew, learning about his or her new best friend or listening to your child share every detail of their day with pure excitement.

Schools are supposed to be a safe place for children to thrive, but do you know what is lurking behind the walls of your child's school? California Sen. Barbara Boxer is worried about the possibility of asbestos in the ceiling tiles and insulation used to build schools across the nation.