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Lung Cancer Awareness Month at Brayton Purcell

Brayton Purcell LLP is proud to spread lung cancer awareness in November and beyond. Not only are we avid supporters of the American Lung Association (we are already forming our team for the next Fight for Air Climb in San Francisco!), we know how devastating the disease can be for individuals and families across the nation. 

Study: modified T cells successful against mesothelioma tumors

Asbestos is a significant public health hazard for at least two reasons. First, it is everywhere. During the last century, it was employed in thousands of uses, in millions of locations, ranging from kitchen potholders to insulation on industrial steam boilers. Thousands of workers across decades who directly worked with installing and servicing equipment using asbestos products have developed asbestosis and mesothelioma.

The other element that makes it so significant is that once mesothelioma develops, it is almost always incurable, leading to a painful death for the victim. And with asbestos located in millions of locations throughout the U.S., every day more people are unwittingly exposed to the deadly fibers.

Asbestos Infographic: Mesothelioma in the Military

Here at Brayton Purcell, it can sometimes feel like every day is Veterans Day. We speak and meet with clients who have served in the United States Military on a daily basis. We are so grateful for their service to our country and work hard to defend their rights in and out of the court room.

A judge receives a sentence from asbestos

Asbestos-related illnesses, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, are often seen as a product of our industrial past. Those who were most at risk were the industrial workers in the mining, shipbuilding and manufacturing business of the past.

California was the site of many navy yards and shipbuilding during the WWII era, and those workers were often exposed to large quantities of asbestos in the construction and maintenance of ships.

Boilermakers, steamfitters and electricians, who worked with asbestos used as insulation for both steam pipes and electrical lines, received daily exposure to the potentially deadly dust from asbestos-laden materials.

$70 Million Verdict for Retired Machinist Mate and Nuclear Inspector

Recently, an Alameda jury awarded $70,861,113.00 verdict against John Crane Inc., an asbestos packing and gasket manufacturer. The jury found John Crane guilty of negligence, defective design, and the failure to warn Mr. Robert Whalen of the dangers of their asbestos products. 

Brayton Purcell Sponsors NBCC's A Night in Tuscany

Brayton Purcell has been a supporter of the North Bay Children's Center for many years now, and we are happy to announce that we are the Champion Level sponsor for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of their fundraising event, A Night in Tuscany.


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