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November 2001 Archives

September 11 Fund

ABA Suggestions for September 11 Fund The American Bar Association (ABA) has suggested ways to help speed the fair resolution of claims against the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001. The group recommends that final fund regulations go into immediate effect on December 21, 2001, without the usual 30-day...

Tobacco Ads Targeted Children

Ex-Smoker with Lung Cancer Awarded $26.5 Million San Francisco, CA -- November 16, 2001 -- A California appellate court has upheld the award of $26.5 million to an ex-smoker who is suffering from lung cancer (Patricia Henley v. Philip Morris Inc.). Patricia Henley began smoking in 1961 at the age...

Cigarette Sales Tax Increased

Washington State Voters Pass Tax Increase on Tobacco Olympia, WA -- November 7, 2001 -- Washington state voters have passed a measure, Initiative 773, that increases the sales tax on cigarettes and imposes a surtax on wholesale tobacco products. The proceeds from the tax will be used for the prevention...

Pain Management Courses for Doctors

California Governor Signs Pain Management Bill SACRAMENTO, CA -- November 2, 2001-- California Governor Gray Davis recently signed legislation (Ch. 518, AB 487, Laws 2001) that requires physicians to complete 12 hours of continuing education in pain management and the treatment of the terminally ill. AB 487 also requires the...