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September 2002 Archives

Doctor Errors High in Florida

Medical Malpractice Crisis False FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- September 27, 2002 -- Charges that Florida is facing a "medical malpractice litigation crisis" are false, according to a recent report by Public Citizen, a national consumer advocacy group. Many more medical errors are committed than give rise to lawsuits, and just...

There Is No 'Lawsuit Abuse Tax'

Ads Attacking Legal System False WASHINGTON, DC -- September 20, 2002 -- Current ads produced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that attack the legal system are false, according to Public Citizen, a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. Shown in several states, the newspaper and television ads claim that Americans...

Serious Medication Mistakes

Report Finds Drug Errors at Health Care Facilities September 13, 2002 -- Medication errors occur at the rate of 1 in 5 doses in a typical hospital or skilled nursing home, according to a recent study of Colorado and Georgia health care facilities (Arch Intern Med 2002 Sep 9; 162(16):...

Hazards of Smoking Documented

Eloquent Witness Puts Tobacco Companies to Shame LOS ANGELES, CA -- September 6, 2002 -- Sir Richard Doll, an 89-year-old epidemiologist, spoke elegantly in Los Angeles Superior Court about the research he had done for over 50 years to document the illness and death caused by smoking (Los Angeles Times,...