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Contaminated Chemotherapy Medicines

Cancer Drug Dilution

KANSAS CITY, MO -- October 25, 2002 -- A jury awarded $2 billion in punitive damages to Georgia Hayes, a cancer victim who received diluted chemotherapy drugs from her pharmacist (Kansas City Star, October 11, 2002). She was also awarded over $225 million in actual or compensatory damages.

The defendant, Robert Courtney, pleaded guilty earlier this year to federal charges of adulterating and misbranding chemotherapy medicines. He faces up to 30 years in prison (New York Times, October 11, 2002).

Ms. Hayes is the first of several hundred plaintiffs with cases against Mr. Courtney. She may not get all of the awarded damages, according to the Times, since most of Mr. Courtney's assets have been seized by the government for a fund benefiting victims.

At Brayton Purcell, we are concerned about medical injuries from adulterated vaccines and medical drugs. Currently, we are pursuing a California case involving diluted vaccines given to children. If you have any questions about medical injuries and your legal rights, please feel free to contact us for information.

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