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April 2003 Archives

Lead Lowers IQ, May Delay Puberty

Even Low Lead Levels Unsafe for Children ITHACA, NY -- April 25, 2003 -- Even at low blood concentrations, lead may harm children by lowering IQ and slowing mental development, according to a new report sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). The five-year study found that...

Sex Discrimination Lawsuit May Go Forward

Woman Who Refused to Fire Clerk Over Looks Can Sue SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- April 25, 2003 -- A sales manager who refused to fire a cosmetics clerk based on her looks can file a sexual discrimination suit, the California 1st District Court of Appeal has ruled. Ms. Yanowitz, the...

US Supreme Court Ruling on HMOs

States Can Require HMOs to Open Networks WASHINGTON, D.C. -- April 11, 2003 -- The United States Supreme Court has ruled that states can pass laws requiring HMOs to open their networks to qualified doctors who want to join (Kentucky Association of Health Plans, Inc. v. Miller, No. 00-1471; April...