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May 2003 Archives

Treaty Restricts or Bans Tobacco Ads

World Health Assembly Adopts Tobacco Control Pact May 22, 2003 -- The members of the World Health Organization (WHO) have adopted an international treaty aimed at curbing tobacco-related deaths and disease. At least 40 nations must now ratify the treaty for it to go into effect. They have until June...

Perchlorate Interferes With Thyroid Function

High Levels of Toxic Perchlorate in Lettuce WASHINGTON, DC -- May 9, 2003-- Lettuce grown in the fall and winter months in Southern California and Arizona may contain high levels of toxic perchlorate, a chemical found in rocket fuel, according to a report sponsored by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)....

PFOA Exposure Delays Development

Chemical Used in Teflon May Be Hazardous WASHINGTON, DC -- May 2, 2003 -- Chemicals used to make non-stick cookware and protective finishes for clothing and furniture may be harmful to people, according to a preliminary report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The products involved include common household brands...