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July 2004 Archives

California Medical Malpractice Premiums Rose After MICRA

Damage Caps on Medical Malpractice Awards Hurt the Seriously Injured SANTA MONICA, CA -- July 16, 2004 -- Limits on medical malpractice awards harm the seriously injured and the families of patients who died due to medical negligence, a recent study suggests (Capping Non-Economic Awards in Medical Malpractice Trials, RAND)....

MTBE and TCE are Common Groundwater Contaminants

Groundwater Near Former Florida Plant Contaminated TALLEVAST, FL -- July 2, 2004 -- Residents living near a former manufacturing plant once owned by the American Beryllium Company were not told about pollutants in their soil and groundwater, according to newspaper accounts. The new site owner, Lockheed Martin, discovered the problem...