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Mesothelioma Site Will Be Updated With Latest Medical and Legal News

New Mesothelioma Web Site Provides Resources for Asbestos Victims

NOVATO, CA -- May 6, 2005 -- Brayton Purcell has created the Mesothelioma Network to provide support, resources, medical news, and information for mesothelioma patients and their families. An aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, mesothelioma attacks the membranes lining the chest, lungs, or stomach.

Some mesothelioma treatments can prolong life and ease pain, although there is no cure for the cancer at this time. The web site discusses chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. A section on clinical trials addresses the benefits and risks of considering new experimental treatments.

The site also discusses how to find and select an asbestos support group and provides a list of medical centers. For research purposes, we have included a medical glossary and related web links. An overview section answers questions that are frequently asked about asbestos-related cancer.

The web site will be continually updated to provide the latest legal, legislative, and medical news about mesothelioma. Recent topics have included the use of radiation after surgery, and the status of the chemotherapy drug Onconase®.

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