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Asbestos Trust Fund Inadequate to Compensate Injured Workers

B. 852 Another Corporate Bail Out

WASHINGTON, DC -- August 19, 2005 -- The asbestos bill, S. 852, would hurt asbestos victims and their families, while bailing out corporations, according to a detailed news article by Jillian Alderbron, civil justice counsel with the consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen. Ms. Alderbron calls the legislation a "corporate welfare scheme" that "would deliver a huge gift to the asbestos industry by saving corporations billions in damages." She names names and gives examples of what would be startling decreases in corporate payouts to victims should S. 852 pass. The article also explains why the bill's trust fund for asbestos victims is inadequate, and discusses the unfair medical criteria that patients must meet in order to be compensated for asbestos diseases.

We urge you to read the full text of the Public Citizen article as well as our own story about working to defeat S. 852. The Senate may consider this dangerous bill some time after Labor day. Now is a good time to contact your Senators and tell them to vote NO on S. 852. You can find your Senators' names, e-mails, and telephone numbers on the U.S. Senate web site.

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