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Alan Brayton Becomes President-Elect of Public Interest Law Firm

WASHINGTON, DC -- August 26, 2005-- Alan R. Brayton, founding and senior partner of Brayton Purcell, has been chosen as President-elect of the Foundation that supports Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ), a nonprofit national public interest law firm. Mr. Brayton will seek election as the Foundation's President next July. He has served on the Foundation's Board of Governors for many years and has previously served as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of the Foundation, all for one year terms.

TLPJ's mission is to marshal the skills and resources of trial lawyers to create a more just society. Through creative litigation, public education, and innovative work with the broader public interest community, the organization works to protect people and the environment, hold accountable those who abuse power, and challenge governmental, corporate and individual wrongdoing. It also seeks to increase access to the courts, combat threats to our public justice system, and inspire lawyers and others to serve the public interest.

Successful TLPJ Cases

Some TLPJ victories in the public interest include:

  • A Maryland Court of Appeals decision that mortgage brokers cannot charge excessive fees in defiance of the Maryland Finder's Fee Law, a state consumer protection law meant to protect home buyers against overpriced transaction costs (Sweeney v. Savings First Mortgage, LLC).
  • A California Supreme court decision that corporations cannot use clauses in their form contracts to bar customers from bringing or participating in class actions against them under California law (Discover Bank v. Boehr).
  • A major verdict for Vietnam veterans exposed to the toxic defoliant, Agent Orange. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that a 1984 class action settlement of Vietnam veterans' claims did not bar a suit by certain other veterans who would not otherwise obtain any relief (Stephenson v. Dow Chemical).
  • Winning the right for California long distance phone customers to challenge AT&T in court instead of being forced into an unfair arbitration system (Ting v. AT&T).
  • Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act settlements.
  • A landmark ruling, which the U.S. Supreme Court let stand, that Brown university violated Title IX when it eliminated or downgraded women's sports teams (Cohen v. Brown University).

A list of TLPJ's current cases is posted on the group's web site.

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