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Sen. Kennedy Speaks Out Against Asbestos Bill S. 852

Asbestos Trust Projected to be Underfunded

WASHINGTON, DC -- February 7, 2006 -- "The real crisis which confronts us is not an 'asbestos litigation crisis,' it is an asbestos-induced disease crisis," Sen. Edward Kennedy says in a detailed article about why he is against proposed asbestos legislation, S. 852. The bill would prevent asbestos victims from having access to the courts and instead create a national asbestos trust fund.

Sen. Kennedy discusses the major flaws in the asbestos legislation:

  • The asbestos trust is seriously underfunded.
  • The legislation closes the courthouse doors to asbestos victims, but the trust fund may not be up and running for several years.
  • If the trust fund becomes insolvent, workers will not have an automatic right to return to the court system.
  • Lung cancer victims who were exposed to asbestos are treated unfairly.
  • The bill establishes unfair standards for proving that one has an asbestos-related disease.
  • The bill fails to take into account people damaged by asbestos contamination in their communities.

The full text of Sen. Kennedy's statement about S. 852 may be found on the American Chronicle web site. Brayton Purcell has fought long and hard against this unfair legislation, which would benefit corporate wrongdoers, but harm asbestos victims and their families. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about asbestos legislation or about your own legal rights.

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