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Senator Urged to Correct Error Made in Senate Debate Regarding Asbestos & Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Has Long Been Linked to Asbestos Exposure

WASHINGTON, DC -- February 13, 2006 -- The onset of colon cancer has long been linked to a history of asbestos exposure, despite remarks to the contrary by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) on the Senate floor last week. Sen. Coburn was commenting on S. 852, flawed legislation that harms asbestos victims while bailing out asbestos-related companies. The legislation creates an inadequate trust fund for those suffering from asbestos diseases, but deprives them of their day in court. It also sets up arbitrary, unfair medical criteria for determining who can collect damages for asbestos exposure. Under the bill, patients with colon cancer who were exposed to asbestos would not receive compensation.

Gilbert Purcell, senior trial partner at Brayton Purcell, has written a letter to Sen. Coburn pointing out the association between asbestos and colorectal cancer. In it, he cites medical journal articles, federal rules, and the report of a well-respected medical expert. Mr. Purcell has asked Sen. Coburn to correct the misstatement about asbestos and colon cancer.

We suggest that you read this letter and supporting documents to get a better idea of the problems with S. 852. Also see the article, Study Supports Link Between Asbestos and Colon Cancer for further details about asbestos and colon cancer.

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