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June 2006 Archives

Vioxx® Increases Heart Attack and Stroke Risks

Short-Term Vioxx® Use May Be Harmful, Correction to Journal Article Says BOSTON, MA -- June 30, 2006 -- The painkiller Vioxx® (rofecoxib) can increase patients' risk for heart attacks or strokes, even if they take the drug for less than 18 months. The New England Journal of Medicine came to...

Companies Accused of Unfairly Denying Hurricane Katrina Claims

Katrina Victims Still Fighting Insurance Companies NEW ORLEANS, LA; BILOXI, MS -- June 16, 2006 -- A new hurricane season is upon us, yet many Hurricane Katrina victims are still waiting for payments from their insurance companies for last year's disaster. In 2005, there were five major hurricanes nationwide, resulting...