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October 2006 Archives

SF Rent Control Violations

SF Rent Control Board Rules That Villas Parkmerced's "Bonus Bucks" Rebate Coupon Scheme Violates Rent Control, as Tenants' Class Action Suit Contends SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- October 17, 2006 -- The San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board ruled on October 17 that The Villas Parkmerced, one of the...

Tenants' Class Action and Rent Control Violations

Rebate Coupon Scheme at Large San Francisco Apartment Complex Violates Rent Control Laws, Tenant Class Action Suit Says SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- October 4, 2006 -- Exposing a rebate coupon scheme used by one of the Bay Area's largest apartment building owners in an effort to avoid San Francisco's rent...