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May 2007 Archives

Discussion of Lawsuit Costs

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ad About "Lawsuit Abuse" Is Misleading WASHINGTON, DC -- May 25, 2007 -- Recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce ads falsely claim that families pay an extra $3,520 per year for products and services due to so-called "lawsuit abuse." The Chamber derived that number from a report...

Cell Phone Complaints

Are You Ready to Hang Up on Your Cell Phone Company? ARLINGTON, VA -- May 18, 2007 -- Problems with cell phone companies topped the list of consumer complaints sent to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) last year, ahead of those for over 2,500 other businesses, including automobile dealerships. The...

Morgan Stanley Also Paid Out a Large Settlement in 2004

Morgan Stanley Sex Discrimination Case Settled for $46 Million NEW YORK, NY -- May 4, 2007 -- The Wall Street giant, Morgan Stanley, has set up a $46 million fund to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit (Augst-Johnson v. Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc., 06-CV-1142, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia)....

Defective Consumer Products and the CPSC

Boombox Silenced WASHINGTON, DC -- May 4, 2007 -- Are you tired of hearing other people's blaring boomboxes on the beach, or are you a music fan who thinks they are great inventions? Either way, silence now ensues, at least for 13,800 Coby brand USB/MP3/CD boomboxes. They have been recalled...