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Brayton Purcell Supports NBCC's Garden of Eatin' Program for Children

Brayton Purcell Supports the Garden of Eatin'

NOVATO, CA -- November 16, 2007 -- Brayton Purcell supports the North Bay Children Center's (NBCC) Garden of Eatin', the child care center's innovative program that uses an on-site organic garden to teach children about gardening and nutrition. NBCC and Brayton Purcell are currently involved in a garden expansion project to make the beautiful garden even bigger. The garden provides the perfect opportunity to teach children to enjoy growing, planting, harvesting and eating their own fresh fruits and vegetables. They learn about the planting cycle, where food comes from, and how it contributes to good health. The garden provides a variety of fresh, organic food such as cherry tomatoes, green beans, pear-apples, and sugar snap peas. The program helps children develop healthy eating habits that will last throughout their lifetime.

Research shows that the number of overweight children is increasing. In California, one in five children is obese. Poor diets and a lack of exercise help contribute to childhood obesity. The Garden of Eatin' program helps to combat childhood obesity by combining health and nutrition into children's daily lives. Through promoting programs like those operated by NBCC, Brayton Purcell strongly believes that learning healthy eating habits at an early age helps fight obesity and the health issues linked to obesity that often begin in childhood.

NBCC's garden program will be featured in Kaiser Permanente's healthy living ad campaign. Kaiser will be using the garden, and the teacher and children engaged in activities that reflect healthy eating and active living. Kaiser will also be taking still photos of the children and staff working in the garden, planting seedlings in the greenhouse, and participating in NBCC's Physical Education program.

NBCC is a community-supported non-profit organization that provides year round child care and family support to over 1,350 children and families. NBCC offers unique educational programs, including the Garden of Eatin' program which is available at all of NBCC's sites. NBCC raises money through corporate grants, government contracts, private foundations, and individual donations in order to support the variety of services and programs to help the community. If you would like more information about the program please contact NBCC. Brayton Purcell, a long-time proud supporter of NBCC's efforts, applauds their exceptional service to our local community.

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