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Inspirational Image: Make a Wish

Do you remember collecting dandelions as a child and making wishes as you blew their seeds away? If you have developed a serious disease like lung cancer from past asbestos exposure, taking deep breaths to make those wishes can seem a little harder these days.

Although it is a struggle, many find the hope and courage needed to battle their diagnosis, spread awareness, and live out their lives to the best of their abilities with lung cancer. They still see the wish, instead of a weed.


What is the dandelion to you? A weed, or a wish?

For over 30 years, Brayton Purcell has represented clients affected by the devastating effects of asbestos cancer. Our asbestos attorneys can help you recover necessary damages from those responsible for your asbestos related disease. For a free evaluation of your potential case, please contact us with your questions and see how Brayton Purcell can help you.

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