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Unfair Forced Arbitration Favored by U.S. Supreme Court

Forced arbitration is raising some serious concerns for consumers. In the arbitration process, those who have entered into the agreement must settle their disputes with a neutral intermediary in lieu of going to court. But many consumers do not know that they have agreed to such a thing after making...

Partner Post: Class Action Lawsuit Against the NCAA

University of Kansas Player Sues NCAA for Suffered Head Trauma Written by James P. Nevin Christopher Powell, a former University of Kansas fullback from 1990-94, has filed a class-action lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for failing to protect athletes from the dangers related to concussions, brain injury...

McDonald's Scalding Hot Case Lives on in Infamy

Hot Coffee Movie Explores What Fueled the Controversy June 29, 2011 -- Everyone seems to have heard about the McDonald's coffee case. An elderly woman spills coffee on herself that she purchased from a McDonald's drive-up window, right? Seventeen years later, its infamy continues. It is routinely cited as an...