Liquid Nicotine Poses Poison Risk for Children

Nicotine poisoning calls to emergency officials have risen dramatically across the United States. The scariest part of statistics related to this type of poisoning is that more than 50 percent of the calls are related to children who have become sick after ingesting the chemicals. Since there have been almost no attempts by manufacturers to make this product childproof, the danger that your child could become hurt is significant.

If your child has ingested liquid nicotine, call 911 and get medical assistance immediately. Afterward, consult with a knowledgeable attorney regarding your options for recovery against the negligent companies that failed to childproof their dangerous products. You can schedule a consultation with our lawyers online or by calling us at 800-598-0314.

Protect Your Children From Liquid Nicotine Bottles

Many producers of liquid nicotine for e-cigarettes create flavored options that are very similar to candy in smell, color and packaging. A child has no idea that the liquid inside isn't simply made of sugar. Many adults are also unaware that this substance is highly toxic and can even lead to death, much like real tobacco.

Due to the high concentrations of nicotine in the liquid containers, even if the substance is spilled and absorbed through the skin or eyes, it can begin to make anyone sick. If an adult is getting sick just by spilling it on himself or herself, imagine what the substance will do to the inside of a much younger person.

We understand that parents can only do so much to keep harmful substances away from a child's reach. Children explore and tend to get into everything. If your child has drunk liquid nicotine and been injured, we can help. Consult with our experienced team to learn what rights you have and how to prevent these injuries from happening again.

Learn More About E-Cigarette Risks for Kids

For more information on what can be done after your child has suffered a serious injury from liquid nicotine, contact our office. You may call our California and Oregon office at 800-598-0314. We serve those who have been injured across the United States.