Asbestos in everyday products

pieces of colorful chalkThere was a time when asbestos was in nearly everything. It was inexpensive, relatively easy to find, and falsely believed by consumers and workers to be safe.

Even today, there are still times when products you use every day could contain asbestos.

Here’s what you should know about products that could contain asbestos.

Remaining intentional uses

While there are dramatically fewer places where you will encounter asbestos, it still has some very common uses, such as:

  • Building and roofing materials
  • Automobile parts (primarily clutches and brakes)
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Many other products
  • Chalk
  • Baby powder
  • Makeup
  • Crayons

You may not handle these items regularly, but an asbestos-containing product with a damaged seal can pose a serious threat.

Not all products are a risk, so it is crucial to understand what ingredients are in the items you purchase and the potential danger they carry. If you do purchase products that could contain asbestos, you should actively watch for recalls associated with asbestos.