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January 2009 Archives

GM to be Free & Clear of Future Asbestos Claims

GM Bankruptcy Plan to Address Future Product Liability Claims, Leaves Asbestos Claimants in the Dust January 29, 2009 -- Unlike fellow bankrupt automaker Chrysler, General Motors (GM) has agreed to take on future product liability claims. This includes new claims arising from vehicles built by the "old" GM--a significant difference...

National Guardsmen Exposed to Chromium in Iraq

Lethal Exposure of US Troops to Hexavalent Chromium in Iraq-Pentagon Contractor KBR at Fault? In 2003, members of the Oregon, South Carolina and Indiana National Guard were stationed at the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant in southern Iraq. During their tour of duty, they were exposed to hexavalent chromium, a...

Student Diabetes Lawsuit from Violation of Section 504

Inadequate Care for Diabetic Students Leads to Class Action Lawsuit January 9, 2009 -- In October 2005, the public interest organization Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of four children with diabetes and their parents. The suit was filed under federal disability...