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June 2009 Archives

Bad Countrywide Loans Addressed by BofA

Bank of America Offers to Modify 100K Countrywide Mortgages June 25, 2009 -- Bank of America Corp. has offered to modify over 100,000 Countrywide sourced home loans over a four-month period. This is double the amount required under the settlement between California and other states against Countrywide Financial Corp. for...

Settlement Expands Health Care Coverage for Eating Disorders

Horizon Blue Cross Expands Eating Disorder Coverage in Settlement June 24, 2009 -- Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey has agreed to a class action settlement that expands medical benefits for patients with eating disorders. The settlement includes reimbursements of medical expenses for close to 500 patients whose payments for...

New Chrysler Fails to Protect Consumers

Chrysler Bailout, Bankruptcy and Sale - The Aftermath: Effect on Those Injured by Defective Products and Asbestos-Containing Brakes June 19, 2009 -- After a flurry of legal activity in the Chrysler bankruptcy to try and halt the sale of Chrysler to Fiat SpA, Chrysler was sold to Fiat on June...

Chrysler Bankruptcy Ruling Absolves Accountability, Hurts Consumers

Bankruptcy Judge Relieves Chrysler of Accountability to Consumers--National Consumer Groups File Appeal June 4, 2009 -- In a move to protect consumer rights, national consumer groups filed an appeal late Tuesday in response to the bankruptcy court's May 31st ruling in the Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings. The bankruptcy ruling concerned the...