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June 2013 Archives

Is FACT a lie?

Congress loves it acronyms for naming laws. A bill pending in the House is name FACT. This stands for the Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act (FACT) of 2013. According to the New York Times editorial board, "The bill is supposedly designed to root out fraud and abuse, but there is...

Living downwind of asbestos can be deadly

We remind people that asbestos and materials containing asbestos are still dangerous. While many asbestos industry apologists would like the public to believe the threat is long past, and that those claiming injuries today are engaging in fraud, merely trying to jump on the asbestos-claims bandwagon. Sadly, asbestos continues to...

Workers pay a high price for working with asbestos

Asbestos cases are tragic, no matter the circumstance, whether to shipyard workers in California, or in other industrial uses throughout the country. Workers innocently went through their day, often inhaling asbestos laden dust on a regular basis. For many workers this meant an early grave from mesothelioma, while for others...