Fire leads to asbestos debris in neighborhood

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When a person is exposed to asbestos for a significant period of time, it is possible that he or she can develop serious health conditions as a result of this contact. Many occupations place individuals into dangerous situations, and employers must take precautions to ensure that their workers are protected.

However, in some cases, workers may find that they have been exposed to asbestos even when all safety protocols are being followed. Workers tasked with the clean-up of asbestos materials need to be sure that they are doing what they can to not only rid the area of any debris, but also prevent themselves from suffering any effects due to the exposure.

A recent warehouse fire in Indiana led to asbestos debris being scattered throughout a neighborhood. Papers containing asbestos could potentially be found as many as seven miles away from the facility after the fire.

Residents in these neighborhoods were instructed not to touch the debris, and they were also asked not to mow their lawns until clean-up efforts were complete. Officials were concerned that if the material was disturbed, it would release some of the fibers into the air, potentially placing these residents at risk.

The facility itself also contained a significant amount of asbestos inside, but removal of this material may not start until much later. The main concern of those on the scene was controlling the spread of the debris that had escaped the facility. The Environmental Protection Agency is assisting with the clean-up.

Those who have suffered an illness as a result of their exposure to asbestos may wish to speak to an experienced attorney about their claims. An attorney can help these individuals learn about the potential sources of the asbestos that they were exposed to, and decide on the next steps.

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