World Lung Cancer Day 2013

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Asbestos-Related Illness |

Today at Brayton Purcell LLP, we are proudly celebrating the second annual World Lung Cancer Day. Formerly known as Lung Cancer Survivors’ Day and celebrated on August 1, this annual international day of observance was created for all those affected by and lost to lung cancer throughout the world.

world lung cancer day 2013

Lung cancer is no longer just a “smokers’ disease.” Studies have shown asbestos exposure may increase the risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Everyday, our lives and work are affected by those diagnosed with this aggressive disease. That is why we are tirelessly committed to providing support for victims and their families, as well as spreading awareness about lung cancer and its causes.

Feel free to spread these awareness-raising images around your social media channels and blog posts as we join in solidarity today:

smoking myth graphic

Are you fighting a battle with lung cancer or know someone affected by this disease? Share your story with us in a comment below.

Ban Asbestos.
Cure Cancer.
Spread Awareness.

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