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October 2013 Archives

Where there's smoke, there may be asbestos

Firefighters are highly admired for their selfless devotion to saving lives. They place their own lives at risk every time they enter a burning building. The dangers they face are many, from the threat of the flames themselves to the inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes and the risk of...

Asbestos cigarette filters?

Some old advertising makes one cringe today. Some of the most egregious examples of this are the old cigarette advertisements, with doctors standing in exam rooms, smoking cigarettes. A story today from the Sacrament Bee takes that one step further, with a story about cigarettes from the 1950s, where not...

Float is not on the side of asbestos victims

A recent news story examines how insurance companies controlled by Berkshire Hathaway pay claims, and found what appears to be a pattern of delay. While delay is a business practice that nets Berkshire Hathaway extra time to earn money on premiums policy holders have paid, it costs asbestos victims the...