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Giving Thanks in the Midst of Mesothelioma

Are you wondering how to have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday as you battle mesothelioma? You are not alone.There are around 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma diagnosed each year, and even more other asbestos-related diseases. Make the most of your Thanksgiving with these helpful tips.

Enjoy the little things:

It is important to enjoy the little things, because they might just end up being the big things that mean the most to you in the end. Instead of that elaborate charity event that you have made a tradition, try staying in a watching a holiday movie with your loved ones. Little treats that you always looked forward to could be a great solution, as well. Bake those cookies or make that pie, but pay attention to your body while you do so.

Limit the guest list:

The time and energy that it takes to prepare a large gathering is simply too much for many mesothelioma patients. Keep your guest list small if you plan on inviting people over to celebrate. Sending a nice holiday card out to those you could not see this year is still a great way to show your thanks for their presence in your life.

Eat right:

No matter how hard it is to resist those yummy thanksgiving treats, keep your health and diet in mind as the holidays kick off. Talk to your doctor about what you should be avoiding, and what you are allowed to splurge on as Thanksgiving approaches.

How do you get through Thanksgiving? It can be hard to give thanks when you are going through something so traumatic, but we have been astounded at the spirit within the victims we have encountered. Please share your story with us in a comment below.

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