Is it Too Late for an Asbestos Attorney?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Mesothelioma |

Is it safe to say we have all seen the commercials? You know, the ones with different mesothelioma attorneys urging you to call them the instant you have been diagnosed? While you shouldn’t trust just any attorney to handle your mesothelioma case, you should certainly consider getting one started with a law firm you trust — and the sooner the better.

After diagnosis, a mesothelioma patient has a limited number of years following in which they can file a lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations, and it differs from state to state. Maine and North Dakota, for example, allow a patient up to six years to file a lawsuit, while California allows only one. It is important to seek treatment and legal counsel soon after diagnosis, as early action could prolong your life and maximize your compensation in the court room.

Asbestos victims and their families will benefit from choosing a seasoned mesothelioma and asbestos litigation trial law firm. Lawsuits involving mesothelioma and asbestos require experience with jury trials, construction and building practices and cutting-edge medical science. A lawyer with experience in winning cases like your own is an excellent choice for a person injured by asbestos products.

Brayton Purcell, L.L.P. attorneys have been successfully representing mesothelioma clients for over 30 years. Please contact us today if you would like to know what our experienced mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers can do to help you and your loved ones.

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