Asbestos Use Around the World

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Many individuals are shocked to hear that asbestos is not fully banned in America. In fact, products made in the United States are allowed to be comprised of less that 1% asbestos before they are considered an asbestos-containing product. It might be even more shocking for some to hear about the continued use of asbestos all over the world. Although it was declared a known carcinogen in 1978 by the EPA, many developing nations have embraced the toxic substance in recent decades. Here are a few:


Despite the documented dangers, Brazil continues to produce and consume asbestos into the present day. The country is the third largest exporter of asbestos and the fifth largest consumer.

South Africa

South Africa mined asbestos for centuries. Beginning in 1883, South Africa became one of the world’s largest suppliers for crocidolite asbestos. Asbestos litigation and awareness slowed production of asbestos in the country, with many mines closing in the 1980s and the complete banning of the production, sale, and use of the substance in 2008.


The country with the highest rate of asbestos production and consumption is Russia. Russia produces more than one million tons of asbestos per year, and the rates are rising. The country also uses the substance within its roofing materials, automobile brakes, and building insulation regularly. There is no end to asbestos use in sight for Russia in the near future.

Several other countries are still producing and consuming asbestos as well, with no regulations to be put in place anytime soon. Recently, over 300 scientists and doctors signed a letter urging India to end its use of asbestos within the country. Share this blog post with your friends and family to spread awareness of asbestos all over the world.

Ban Asbestos. Cure Cancer. Spread Awareness.

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