Partner Post: Unreported High School Sports Injuries

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Consumer Safety |

Water Polo Player Sues School District Following Injuries

Written by James P. Nevin 

Sarah Klahr, who competed on the varsity water polo and swimming teams at Redondo Union High School (RHUS) for four years, has filed a lawsuit accusing the district of failing to provide proper medical treatment for a concussion she suffered during a water polo practice.

The suit also maintains that her parents were not notified by campus officials after the incident where she was “hit in the head by a shot on goal from one of the male individuals competing.” After the hit, Klahr alleges she was unconscious and slipped under water, but then resurfaced. The coach then proceeded with the practice without summoning any care for her, the suit states. “At no time were Sarah’s parents notified or told of the … incident by anyone from the district or RUHS,” the suit states.

The next day she returned to practice with symptoms that included an inability to move her neck as well as pain in her neck and shoulders, according to the suit. In the ensuing months, her condition worsened to the point that pain radiated throughout her spine. Since the injury, Klahr has also experienced a reduced ability to concentrate and to memorize, the suit states.

Campuses such as RUHS are members of the California Interscholastic Federation, which formed a Sports Medicine Committee in 1996 to provide information on concussions, the suit states. Member institutions are told that concussions are considered brain injuries and that athletes who suffer them must be removed from a game or practice immediately, according to Klahr’s suit.