$11 Million Verdict for Asbestos Wrongful Death Case

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Occupational Asbestos Exposure |

Did you know that asbestos exposure can cut off years of your life? When asbestos fibers are caught within the body, deadly conditions can develop over time, like asbestosis and mesothelioma.

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Once diagnosed, many victims are not given much time to live with their disease. It is estimated that the average mesothelioma patient lost 17 years of life, and for those suffering from asbestosis, 13 years. Doesn’t it only make sense that the companies responsible for those years lost would be responsible for compensating the victim and/or the victim’s family?

Luckily, juries around the United States understand the devastating loss of life. Recently in California, an Alameda County jury returned an $11 million verdict against the Pneumo Abex, LLP. The family of Gordon Bankhead lost his support and companionship when only 68 years old. The jury determined that his family members had faced losses up to $6 million each, and awarded them accordingly.

Many victims are exposed to asbestos on the job while providing for their loved ones, and are shocked to hear they were in danger all of that time. Mr. Gordon serviced heavy-duty vehicles as a Parts Man for almost four decades. He was exposed to asbestos during the inspection, replacement, grinding, and blowing out of asbestos-containing brakes. Pneumo Apex knowingly manufactured brake linings Mr. Gordon was exposed to with deadly asbestos materials, ultimately resulting in his mesothelioma diagnosis and early death.

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