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Whistleblower Awarded for Uncovering Health Care Fraud

This spring in Alabama, a nurse received $15 million for exposing the fraud of a national home healthcare company where she was formerly employed. The company was accused by justice department officials of making false claims for Medicare and other government healthcare insurance programs.

Although Amedisys Inc. does not admit wrong-doing, the home health company reached a $150 million settlement in April.

dog-whistle-280807_640.jpgUnder the federal False Claims Act a person can file a lawsuit against someone or a company on behalf of the U.S. Government for a wrongful act. If the U.S. Attorney's Office agrees to intervene after an investigation, and there's a settlement or judgment in the case, the person who filed it can get a small portion of that money."

April Brown, the first nurse to reveal the fraud, will receive $15 million for her courage to come forward. All over the country, corporations and businesses abuse consumers, the government, and even the environment. If you have witnessed wrong-doing at your place of work, do not hesitate to contact Brayton Purcell, L.L.P., today.


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