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November 2014 Archives

EPA risk assessment slow to arrive

Because asbestos is a mineral, it never goes away or breaks down. It may remain undisturbed for a long time, whether in a floor tile, steam pipe insulation or in the ground. But once it has been disturbed, what to do with the material becomes a larger problem. You may...

Study: modified T cells successful against mesothelioma tumors

Asbestos is a significant public health hazard for at least two reasons. First, it is everywhere. During the last century, it was employed in thousands of uses, in millions of locations, ranging from kitchen potholders to insulation on industrial steam boilers. Thousands of workers across decades who directly worked with...

A judge receives a sentence from asbestos

Asbestos-related illnesses, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, are often seen as a product of our industrial past. Those who were most at risk were the industrial workers in the mining, shipbuilding and manufacturing business of the past. California was the site of many navy yards and shipbuilding during the WWII...

Boston Scientific to Face First Federal Trials

In the last six years transvaginal mesh has become one of the most sued-over medical devices in U.S. history. Adding to that legacy is Boston Scientific Corp., set to face its first federal trials in two courts over claims from women who say they were injured by the company's transvaginal...