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January 2015 Archives

Asbestos Cases and Statutes of Limitations, Pt. 2

A statute of limitation prohibits the filing of a lawsuit after a period of time has passed. You may be wonder why statutes of limitation exist at all. Why not allow lawsuits to be filed at any time? Well, part of the function of statutes of limitation is to prevent...

Asbestos Cases and Statutes of Limitations, Part 1

Statutes of limitation are a well-known aspect of any litigation. A statute of limitation limits the time you have to file a lawsuit. In many circumstances, your time to file begins with the occurrence that causes the need for the lawsuit. For instance, if you have a contract and the...

Asbestos report for schools to be released this month

Last fall, this story, involving the potential contamination of schools in Huntington Beach, caused much concern among parents, worried their children may have been exposed to asbestos in some of the elementary schools where modernization work was being done. The asbestos tests of these schools will be released within the...