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February 2015 Archives

Some Receive a $1.8 Million Fine, Others a Life Sentence

The final stage in criminal prosecution was reached in Fresno Monday when a federal judge fined three men $1.8 million who had operated a nonprofit business that was designed to help high school student gain work experience and job skills. The fines were imposed because the men employed the high...

Is Airborne Asbestos a Threat to Southern Nevada?

Given the asbestos industry's decades of lies and misrepresentation, virtually any statements made regarding the level of threat posed by asbestos in buildings, homes or the environment deserve close examination. Across the border from California, an interesting controversy has erupted concerning the risk posed by naturally occurring asbestos in southern...

Nine Remarkable Years

To get your life back. That's what it's like, according to one long-term mesothelioma survivor. To understand how remarkable that simple statement is, you have to understand that the phrase "long-term mesothelioma survivor" somewhat of an oxymoron. For people who have developed mesothelioma, the median life expectancy is 12-24 months....

Keeping Up with Dangerous Drug Recalls

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are constantly being recalled. If you have been prescribed a "cocktail" of medications by your doctor, keeping track of which drugs have been found to be dangerous might be a good idea. The best way to keep track of dangerous drug recalls is to sign up...