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March 2015 Archives

Exposure to Asbestos During House Fires

Even though asbestos products and materials within older homes are not considered dangerous unless they are breaking down or falling apart, an event like a house fire could turn a relatively safe home into a very dangerous one.  Not only are homeowners at risk when a fire starts in their...

Do You Have Any Doubt Who Will Really Pay? Pt2

The use of asbestos in millions of homes and other structures during the last century means there is a colossal "installed base" of asbestos contamination across the nation. Many homes and buildings are now of an age that will demand renovations or demolition. For those who prefer to take a...

Do You Have Any Doubt Who Will Really Pay?

Doubt is an interesting thing. For decades, the tobacco industry was able to sell, unmolested, a product that kills people. But because it does not do it instantly, it is possible to raise doubt as to the exact causation. And the tobacco industry successfully was able to turn aside lawsuits...