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Exposure to Asbestos During House Fires

Even though asbestos products and materials within older homes are not considered dangerous unless they are breaking down or falling apart, an event like a house fire could turn a relatively safe home into a very dangerous one. 

Not only are homeowners at risk when a fire starts in their older home, firefighters risk their lives when responding to calls. Recently, a firefighter fell through the roof of a burning home during a fire located in a suburban area in Fresno, California. 

While smoke and fire are two of the most feared parts of a house fire, asbestos exposure should also be on the list. Many roofing, insulating, and other construction materials that burn in a house fire possibly contain asbestos fibers. These fibers are released into the air when a fire destroys them or the structure collapses.

This firefighter was rescued by his colleagues, but 65-75% of his body is covered in burns. He and his family are in our thoughts.

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