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Is Asbestos Lurking Behind the Walls of Your Child's School?

Education is a very important aspect of children's lives. Although reading, writing and arithmetic are crucial, they are not the only benefits of going to school. If you are a parent, you know the joys of seeing a picture your child drew, learning about his or her new best friend or listening to your child share every detail of their day with pure excitement.

Schools are supposed to be a safe place for children to thrive, but do you know what is lurking behind the walls of your child's school? California Sen. Barbara Boxer is worried about the possibility of asbestos in the ceiling tiles and insulation used to build schools across the nation.

Sen. Boxer and Sen. Ed Markey from Massachusetts have joined in an effort to solve this dilemma. A major part of the problem is the fact that no one really seems to know the size of the problem.

The senator's first step in their joint effort is to send a letter to every governor across the nation asking him or her to tally up the number of schools that have asbestos. They also wanted to know what kind of system each school district has in place to help address the risk of asbestos exposure.

Other senators chimed in with their opinions as two different bills are competing for approval in the Senate. Sen. Tom Udall from New Mexico noted that the Environmental Protection Agency simply doesn't have the tools necessary to fix the problem. Senators are hoping they can change all of this, but it will take time. The first step is to hear back from the governors, which they expect to occur by mid-May.

Source: myFOXmemphis, "Senators Reach Out To Governors About Asbestos In Schools ," April 3, 2015

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