Asbestos Removal Deadline in Rwanda to be met by 2016

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Asbestos |

Today, there is nearly 800,000 square feet of asbestos roofing material being utilized in schools and hospitals in Rwanda, Africa. By 2016, the country aims to have eliminated it all.

Thanks to the training of individuals to remove the asbestos roofing, as well as increased disposal sites, the goal to remove asbestos-containing roofs from many government and religion-owned public structures seems much more manageable than in 2009. It was at that time that people and institutions were given only six months to remove their asbestos roofing – a task that seemed impossible without the proper funding or training.

The government has recognized the danger that asbestos fibers pose to human lives, and has made efforts to eradicate the substance from their structures.

In the United States, asbestos-containing materials can still be found within homes and other public structures built before 1990. If you think asbestos is present in your home, do not hesitate to contact an asbestos abatement professional in your area. Only a professional with the proper training should handle the substance, as to prevent exposure to you and your family.

Source: The New Times via