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July 2015 Archives

Some Information You Might Not Know About Mesothelioma

Most Americans know that mesothelioma is a kind of cancer and that it has something to do with asbestos. Beyond that, the average person's knowledge on the subject might be hazy. Common questions include: what exactly is mesothelioma? Is it the same as lung cancer? Can it be treated or...

More asbestos-removal horror stories making headlines

One of our posts last week discussed the dangers caused by improper asbestos abatement. Because asbestos is no longer used as a construction material in U.S. buildings, the biggest hazards occur when buildings are renovated or demolished. These jobs are supposed to be handled by licensed asbestos abatement professionals, but...

Proper Asbestos Removal: Pay Now or Pay Much More Later

In our post yesterday, we discussed the problem of improper asbestos removal from buildings during demolition and renovation. As with other toxic building materials like lead paint, asbestos tends to be most hazardous during renovation and demolition, because materials can become airborne. As yesterday's post mentions, contractors and others who...

Asbestos: Often Forgotten, but not Gone

Asbestos is one of those stories that seem to disappear from view for years or decades, only to reappear and demonstrate that while many have forgotten the substance was ever used in the U.S., it is still present in many products and when anyone looks, they are often surprised at...