Trimodal Mesothelioma Treatment Not Worth Risk

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Mesothelioma |

For many mesothelioma patients, finding a treatment option that is right for them is a top priority after diagnosis. Unfortunately, the risks of trimodal treatment might not outweigh the benefits.

Trimodal treatment includes chemotherapy, extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP), and post-surgical radiation. In recent studies, Japanese researchers found that the combination of treatments resulted in a 19.9 month average survival time. Around 9% of patients died of complications from the treatment.

Although some patients had promising results, most did not see benefits that outweighed the risks. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, consulting a medical professional about your treatment options would be a good idea.

An experienced professional can determine what treatment options are best for you, based on your symptoms and overall health.

Source: Surviving Mesothelioma