Raley’s recalls numerous salad products from stores

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Product Liability |

Before you ask Grandma to pass the Thanksgiving salad, it may be best to find out where it came from and whether or not it was included in a recent recall involving California stores such as, Raley’s, Costco, Target, Walmart, Safeway and others.

salad with bread

The tainted salads hail from Taylor Farms Pacific Inc. of Tracy and may contain celery that tested positive for E. coli. The products have also been stamped with a “use by” date range of Nov. 20 to Dec. 6. Some of the products included in the recall are: Golden State salad, Thanksgiving salad, to-go vegetable and ranch trays, old-fashioned chicken salad, all-natural crunchy vegetable salad and several others. For a full list of products which may be included in the recall, consumers are encouraged to visit the FDA website.

If you have consumed any of the products made by Taylor Farms Pacific Inc. which are listed above, and are experiencing symptoms such as, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, it is best to visit a doctor right away for proper treatment and diagnosis. If your sickness has been linked to the recall, it is also important for you to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible to discuss any recourse that may be available to you.

Manufacturers of products, even those we consume, are responsible for making sure that it is safe. When they fail in ensuring this measure, they can be held responsible for losses incurred. Victims of product liability may include those affected by faulty products, such as; motor vehicles, clothing, medical equipment, children’s items, medications or even food.