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Asbestos Video: Report on Libby, MT

Take a look at the Democracy Now! video above, reporting on the Libby, Montana asbestos problem back in 1999. Although this video is 17 years old, Libby is still dealing with the aftermath of the W.R. Grace and Company vermiculite mine.

While W.R. Grace and Company knew that its vermiculite mine was contaminated with asbestos, miners and Libby residents were not made aware that they were in any danger.

Today, the town of Libby is considered one of the largest Superfund sites in the United States, costing nearly $425 million in clean-up costs. Efforts are still underway to locate, seal, and/or dispose of hazardous asbestos in homes, gardens, and other structures in the town.

The W.R. Grace vermiculite mine closed in 1990, but not before exposing thousands of miners and their family members to asbestos, resulting in nearly 10% of Libby's population dying from contamination.

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