Commemorating Military Vets and Members on Coast Guard Day

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Veterans' News |

coast guard helicopters

Every year on August 4th, we recognize the founding day of the United States Coast Guard. On this same day in 1790, President George Washington authorized ten vessels to enforce the Tariff Act in an effort to prevent smuggling. This small group of vessels has now grown into a 56,000 member operation that enforces federal laws and executes military orders as needed. As one of the federal government’s oldest organizations, its rich history is one to be proud of.

For those who currently serve or have served as part of the Coast Guard, we cannot thank you enough for your contributions. Our attorneys often work closely with current and former military personnel. Sadly, many of them are clients who have been exposed to asbestos. We understand that your sacrifices help shape our country, and that is why we will continue to demand justice for those who have been wronged. Know that you are in our hearts today, and we will continue our mission remembering who is fighting for us.