Supreme Cat Justices: A Story of Compassion and Determination

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Brayton Purcell News |


Here at Brayton Purcell, we often emphasize our passion and love for animals. We regularly make donations and sponsor events at our local animal shelters, and we always encourage our staff to share great photos of their pets. Over the past few months, however, two of our employees have gone above and beyond to care for several cats that were living right outside our Los Angeles office. The story started with just two cats in a nearby grassy area. Ariadna Duplan, a Case Manager at our firm, began to set food out for them to eat. Then, after a quick trip to our Novato office, she returned to find that one of the cats had given birth to kittens! The feeding rituals continued until a few weeks later when another litter of kittens turned up. Ariadna and , one of our Associate Attorneys, agreed that they would try to catch the kittens with an ultimate goal to help them find homes.

Saving and Naming the Kittens

kittens in a crate

Ariadna and managed to successfully capture nine of the kittens in one day! It was then time to take them to a nearby animal shelter. However, when took them to the closest proximity shelter, they were turned away because they looked sick, had fleas, and did not have room for them. She was told if the kittens were to be left there, they would likely be put down. Determined to save these kittens, took them to an emergency vet for thorough examinations. As she sat there in vet’s waiting room admiring these nine kittens, she asked her Facebook friends what she should name them. The winning recommendation was to name them after Supreme Court Justices, and thus the Supreme Cat Justices came to be.

The vet appointment brought mixed results. Sadly, three of the nine cats were too feral to be domesticated, so they had to be released. The six remaining cats were given their first vaccinations, de-wormed, and treated for fleas. Because was going to take them home and has two cats of her own, they needed to be quarantined for a few days while the flea medication kicked in. Once the fleas were gone, took the kittens back to her apartment to work on socializing and preparing them for new homes.

Ready to Find Loving Adopters

After a few weeks of work, the kittens are now healthy, bug-free, fixed, microchipped, and ready for their forever homes! is currently working with Kitten Rescue, a shelter she regularly volunteered at during law school, to process adoption applications for any interested animal lovers. The kittens cannot be “onlies” because they cry if they do not have anyone to play with, so they need to go home to new parents that already have a young cat (under 5 years). Ideally, it would be best if they were adopted in pairs or groups in an effort to keep them together as a family. For more information on how to adopt, please fill out Kitten Rescue’s Cat Adoption Form. and Ariadna hope to eventually try to capture and domesticate the more feral cats again, but for now, they are focused on finding homes for the six healthy, socialized kittens.