Claire’s Child Makeup Alleged to Contain Tremolite Asbestos

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Asbestos |

little girl putting on makeup

We often share information here about asbestos in consumer products. For example, recently we blogged about asbestos in toys, including news about asbestos in cosmetic powder sold by Justice, a store that markets to girls.

A Parent’s Suspicions

A similar story just hit the airwaves about allegations of asbestos in child’s makeup products sold by Claire’s Stores Inc. According to CNN, a mother in Rhode Island became suspicious about her six-year-old daughter’s aqua glitter makeup and had it tested. The woman works for a Rhode Island law firm where she had received training to recognize potential evidence of asbestos in talc-like products from an affiliated North Carolina laboratory that conducted the testing.

Lab Testing

CNN interviewed a director at the lab, who said he was shocked when the tests found “high levels” of tremolite asbestos in four eye shadow colors. He also reported that subsequent testing of that product and others from Claire’s in nine other cities uncovered asbestos in 24 makeup items containing talc, including blush, powder and eye shadow.

Consumer goods containing talc may be tainted by tremolite asbestos because that type of asbestos sometimes occurs naturally near deposits of talc, which can become contaminated during mining and extraction processes.

CNN also reports that Claire’s took pulled multiple makeup products from its stores and launched its own investigation after a CNN affiliate first reported this news. The retailer also said that the talcum had received certification as being free of asbestos from its European vendor.

The CNN piece contains a copy of a letter from the lab with detailed findings of their testing.

We will continue to provide information about this story as it develops.